More about Tissington


The village lies just off the main Buxton-Ashbourne road and has been the estate village of the FitzHerbert family since the 1460s, whose hall, erected in 1609, stands in the centre of the village. The village is delightfully laid out with plenty of space and buildings which were mostly erected in the early 19th century. It has an imposing southern approach via a grand gateway and an avenue of lime trees.

As well as using our woodland sites to deliver programmes we are also able to utilise the village and surrounding countryside.

Why not finish your visit to Tanglewood by taking your children to visit the wonderful Edward and Vintage Sweet Shop ( in the village for a Sweet Treat!

If you are dropping off children for a party relax and visit Herbert’s Tea Shop ( in the village or go to Basset Wood Farm ( for afternoon tea - for something more active go for a walk or a bike ride on the Tissington Trail.